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Saving recovered files to a network share

Sometimes, you want to save recovered files over the network to a remote storage, which may be a NAS or a shared folder on another PC. ReclaiMe software requires that the drive is connected in Windows with a drive letter. If you do not see your network drive when selecting a target location, try this:
1. Launch the elevated command prompt (console)
on the Start Menu, find Command Prompt
right click it, pick Run As Administrator
2. Type
where X: is an unassigned drive letter and \\SERVER\SHARE is a path to share on the network
3. see if the drive appears as a target available for copying

The problem happens because ReclaiMe runs with elevated administrator permissions. Elevated admin is different from your regular account, even if your regular account is also admin. So, the drives you mapped under your regular account are not visible in elevated environment. The above procedure ensures the drive is also mapped inside elevated environment.

Alternatively, you can gloablly disable User Account Control (UAC) for the entire system. With UAC disabled, there is no distinction between elevated and regular admin, and therefore same permissions are applied to both. The downside of this method is that you have to reboot to disable UAC, and therefore you will have to re-do the scan.

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  • 22-Sep-2016